Welcome to our conversations with Morya

The purpose of this website is to explore various philosophical and spiritual issues through a Socratic dialogue titled, “Conversations with Morya, Mark, and Martin.” The conversations are between three friends vacationing in different locations in the United States over a period of several years. Presented in a relaxed and natural format, the most important theme of the conversation is Martin’s gradual awakening to many spiritual, social, psychological, and political insights gained through a series of talks with his close friends. The dialogue occurs within a backdrop of Martin having recently discovered a source of goodness deep within his consciousness, a source he calls the “inner quality” or character of the soul.

A description of that discovery and a discussion of its ethical and political implications are found in the attached book, “The Inner Quality Philosophy of Ethics and Government.” A further examination of the implications of the inner quality is found in the book, “Aligning the Will of God and Man through the Character of the Soul.” This book explains how the expression of one’s inner quality of goodness aligns a person’s free will with God’s will and at the same time helps to advance the higher potential evolutionary path of mankind.