This book examines how individuals, through expressing the character of their soul, can align their free will decisions with the will of God. The book explains that the character of one’s soul is very similar to one’s highest virtue, as discussed by ancient Greek and other philosophers. The character of the soul, also referred to as the inner quality, is the source of goodness and goodwill felt by almost everyone. This feeling of goodwill towards others has both spiritual and evolutionary origins. Spiritually, the inner quality has its origins in the soul. The evolutionary origin of goodwill is found in empathy and altruism, traits found within many species as a way of strengthening social bonds and better ensuring species survival. When individuals express their inner quality of goodness, they increasingly become their true self and align their will with the will of God in a partnership that helps to realize the higher potential of mankind.

Subjects discussed in this book include the character of the soul, understanding what is meant by God’s will, human and divine interests, and how to increase personal and social goodwill.

A pdf version of the book may be downloaded here: Aligning the Will of God and Man through the Character of the Soul