About the Site

This site may be of special interest to those exploring spirituality, philosophy, New Age thinking, the potential of mankind, and modern scientific theories about the mind, consciousness, cosmology, and possible multidimensional realities within the universe.

The basic theme of the presentations is that human beings have material and spiritual sides that need to be aligned and integrated in order for them to become their true selves. One way to achieve this alignment and integration is to discover and express in daily life the character of one’s soul, or inner quality as it is referred to here because it is closely linked to the human evolutionary traits of altruism and empathy.

When one works within the paradigm of the inner quality, then all kinds of possibilities exist for human development in virtually every aspect of mankind’s affairs. This site explores many of these implications, often drawing upon the great minds of the past and present as they have contemplated our potential as individuals and as a species of life on the planet.