Welcome to our conversations with Morya

The purpose of this website is to explain how one can become the true self. One’s true self is the integrated spiritual and material consciousness we naturally possess when we discover and express the character of our soul, or inner quality. Also explored on these pages are many of the implications for humanity when the positive attributes of the inner quality are pursued by mankind’s free will.

Several web pages provide links to pdf books discussing the above subjects. These short books include “Conversations with Morya, Mark, and Martin,” a Socratic dialogue exploring various philosophical and spiritual issues related to Martin’s gradual awakening to his inner quality.

A more formal discussion of the ethical and political implications of the inner quality is found in “The Inner Quality Philosophy of Ethics and Government,” while a more spiritual exploration is presented in two further books.

“Aligning the Will of God and Man through the Character of the Soul” discusses the key issue of how the free will of mankind can be reconciled and aligned with the will of God, as we are able to understand it. The book on “The Ascended Master Philosophy of Governance” is an informal comparison of spiritual teachings on government with traditional political philosophy, as analyzed from the perspective of the inner quality.

The frequently updated section on “Conceptualizations” offers theoretical models and explanations of many issues related to the processes of becoming the true self. And the section on “Further Conversations with Morya and Mark” offers practical suggestions on how we can advance our soul’s evolution on earth.